Laugh At Leeds Comedy & Improv Courses.


It’s great value for money and terribly fun. I did it earlier this year which is why I’m now a double award winning comedian.” – Tom


Jan 15 to Feb 19: Beginners Stand-Up Comedy (SOLD OUT) & Beginners Improv.

Mar 12 to Apr 16: Beginners Stand-Up Comedy & Continuing Improv.

May 7 to Jun 11: Beginners Stand-Up Comedy & Beginners Improv.

Jun 25 to Jul 30: Beginners Stand-Up Comedy & Continuing Improv.

Sep 17 to Oct 22: Beginners Stand-Up Comedy & Beginners Improv.

Nov 12 to Dec 17: Beginners Stand-Up Comedy & Continuing Improv.

Six Monday nights in a row: the comedy and improv courses run concurrently. We make new friends, we socialise. We laugh A LOT.

If booked by the end of 2017, the courses costs £150.00, which includes show tickets and refreshments (and very good biscuits).

 To register your interest simply use your brain to send an email to LAUGH AT LEEDS AT GMAIL DOT COM and indicate which course you’re interested in in the subject? 

We purposely limit places, aim for an equal balance of women and men, and are suitable for all ages from 16+ but there is light swearing on occasion. Previous ‘corsairs’ have gone on to greater things: we’re proud to have the new president of the Professional Speaking Association and a finalist in the Funny Women 2016 Competition amongst our graduates.

“I’m so glad that I did it. Probably the best money I’ve ever spent. I’ve gained so much validation and confidence in myself.” – Rivka (Funny Women Award 2016 Finalist)

“You can’t underestimate how much your mental wellbeing and confidence is boosted by the joy of simply being daft for a few hours a week. It was a great help with work presentations – helping me to talk naturally to an audience means I don’t need to rely on powerpoint slides anymore. I got this as a gift, so technically was under duress, but I’d still massively recommend it.”  – Sean

“Silky’s comedy course completely exceeded my expectations. The fact that professional stand up comedians travelled two hours each way to attend the course gives an indication of the quality. Silky is extremely supportive, kind, generous, clever and funny. He is an outstanding teacher and gradually builds up your confidence week by week so that you feel fully prepared to do the 5 minute comedy routine at the end. I got my money’s worth after the first week, which blew me away.  I loved the course, loved the graduation and I feel like a different person (in a good way).  I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wishes to improve their confidence in public speaking and to find their funny.  I wish I could do it all again!”  –Liz

“The best fun you could ever have on a Monday night with people you didn’t previously know.. one of my lifetime highlights” – Phil

“Silky’s course is brilliant. His warm and gentle approach makes you work hard without realising and gets the best out of everyone. Best thing I’ve done this century!Julia

“Everyone should give this course a go, forget jokes, forget standup comedy, forget public speaking. Sign up and have a great few weeks making good friends, learning some more about yourself: build some confidence and have a bloody good laugh. Oh and you’ll also learn about jokes, stand-up comedy and public speaking. Highly Recommended Speedy Delivery A++++ would buy again.” The Hodge

“The course is fantastically good fun, I made some great new friends, had lots of laughs and I got back on stage for the first time in over twenty years. Money well spent I reckon.” – Trev

Looking for a challenge? Want to tick something off your bucket list? Gain confidence? To explore an entirely new side of your character? 

This is what you’re looking for. I won’t turn you into a fully-fledged stand up comedian, but we’ll work together towards writing and performing an original comedy routine.

Along the way I’ll show you:

  • How to find your voice.
  • How to write, develop and refine your own material, style, jokes and stories.
  • How to be more confident in public speaking.
  • …all while having a great deal of fun, and making new friends.

The courses are held at the Methodist Centre, Town StreetChapel Allerton, LS7 4NB. 7pm-9.30pm (ish), with the Comedy Course Graduation shows normally held at the Verve, 16 Merrion St, City Centre, Leeds LS1 6PQ. The Methodist Centre is readily accessible, but the Verve is not. An alternative venue is used for the graduation show if required.

“It was stimulating, challenging, invigorating and, above all, enjoyable. I’d recommend it for anybody who wants to re-awaken their brain” –Noel

If you are serious about learning how to do stand up, public speaking or just want to step outside of your box, then this course is THE course – and you’ll like it.” – Steve

“I had so much fun on Silky’s course. He really has created something special here. You will meet fantastic people who become your tribe – encouraging you to keep testing yourself and cheering you along, way after the course finishes. Boring people don’t take this course. Don’t be boring. Remember, laughter saves lives.” – Wendy

I can’t recommend the course highly enough for anyone who is starting out, or who has a little more experience but needs a tune up.” –Ian 

“Excellent course from start to finish. Week 1 is just a room full of strangers, by week six you will have made some friends for life.  Apart from the birth of my daughter, this is the best thing I’ve ever done. You even get coffee breaks with fancy biscuits.” – Dean

Really enjoyable, worthwhile course.” – Nicola

“You have built up my confidence in my ability to such a level that I am now seeking out places where I can make honking noises come out of stranger’s mouths. What have you done to me? Silky has a wealth of knowledge for aspiring comics to tap, he is incredibly supportive and will help you find your unique comedy voice.” – Steph

“I thought the course was just brilliant. It has unleashed my writing creative juices” – Kath

“I felt I was suffering a writer’s block. Silky’s course broke that block and opened up new ways of thinking about material development and writing in general. His way with people is lovely and warm and he gets you to act in ways you never thought you would in front of strangers who, by week six of the course have developed into friends you will probably be in touch with for life. ” – Tom

I thought the course was great! Much more fun than Toastmasters for improving your confidence in front of a audience.” – Mike

“If you’re interested in trying stand-up, or just want a fun Monday night, check out Silky’s course. It is truly one of my favourite things!” – Adam

“Best course I’ve done in a long, long time and Silky is the best comedy mentor you could hope for”- Chris

“Great course, great teacher, wonderful people… Plenty of laughs and an all round thoroughly enjoyable experience. The end of course show is a must” – Robin