Peter Brush and Paul ‘Silky’ White Recording…

peter-and-paulThe quiet storm of Yorkshire comedy PETER BRUSH and I are doing a gig together on Saturday 17th December at Seven Arts in Leeds. Excitingly, we’re making a VHS video of our shows for release in Spring 2017. (Also available on Betamax for an extra £2.50, but possibly sent to you in the electric mail too). We are both doing full-length shows, with the marvellous Isma Almas as our guest sorbet to cleanse the palate, so you should DEFINITELY come along. Dress nicely for posterity. Tickets are £9/8 and arepaul-and-peter currently amply available through this link to the Seven website. It has been suggested that my face is too big on the posters, and his is just a cartoon, so here’s an alternative done by Josh Sadler of the Not So Late Show. Please do spread the word, too. Share it and all that, with your social meadure.


2017 Laugh At Leeds Comedy & Improv Courses.


It’s great value for money and terribly fun. I did it earlier this year which is why I’m now a double award winning comedian.” – Tom

2017 COURSE DATES: Six Monday nights in a row: the comedy and improv courses run concurrently. We mingle, we socialise.

We laugh A LOT.

The courses costs £150.00, which includes show tickets and refreshments (and very good biscuits).

Jan 9 to Feb 13: graduation show dates tbc.

Mar 6 to Apr 10: graduation show dates tbc.

May 1 to Jun 5: graduation show dates tbc.

Jun 26 to Jul 31: graduation show dates tbc.

Sept 25 to 30 Oct: graduation show dates tbc.

Nov 13 to Dec 18: graduation show dates tbc.

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