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If you’re after a comedy night of your very own, further info about Silky or Kill for a Seat, then please get in touch with this here form here.


Please, please, please take note: we’re hugely over-subscribed for acts and open spots.

If you want advice on how to start doing comedy, there’s ample material on the internet. Why not avoid a ton of pitfalls by doing a comedy course? Don’t reinvent the wheel when you can learn from other people’s mistakes. If there isn’t one near you, ask us why.

Look at where we run gigs: if it’s going to be ruinously expensive for you to come and die on your arse at the other end of the country, then do it nearer home until you improve. When you’re the best thing on a bill of open spots, then seek progression, but the immediate problem then becomes this: even if I run anything near you, it’ll cost you more than you’re going to recoup to showcase for me.  Even if you smash an open spot, it just puts you in a very large pool of people who’ve smashed an open spot, but who I’ve not seen doing 20. It is a buyer’s market at the moment, and we’ve more acts than we’ve spaces for, I’m afraid. Sounds grim this, doesn’t it?

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